Are you 55 years or over? Do you have a lifetime of talent, experiences, skills, and hobbies to give to community projects or organizations needing volunteers? Then become an RSVP member today.

Who are RSVP volunteers?

RSVP is made up of people aged 55 or older who have the time and energy to contribute to the community through volunteer work.  There are no restrictions based on education, income, or experience.  Volunteers come from all walks of life: teachers, homemakers, healthcare workers, CPA’s retired military, farmers, salespersons, managers, etc.  All simply have the desire to share their time, knowledge, talents and experience with those who need them.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

RSVP volunteer opportunities are as diverse as the people themselves.  The program strives to match volunteer assignments with the specific interests and skills of the individual.  RSVP volunteers bring commitment and experience to their service by helping out at libraries, senior centers, social service agencies and other non-profit organizations, delivering meals to homebound, quilting projects for the community, entertaining at our nursing homes, providing transportation, making a hospital stay go better, and providing reading help for our school programs.  They act as office workers, tutors, and volunteer coordinators.  These are just a few examples but the list of things needing done is constantly expanding.  Whatever they chose to do, RSVP volunteers provide more than their skills and knowledge, they give their friendship, they give their hearts, and they give of themselves.

When do RSVP volunteers serve?

RSVP volunteers choose how, when and where they want to serve – from a few to over 40 hours a week.  RSVP volunteer hours can be arranged to meet individual schedules to work as much or as little as their time allows.  Some set a specific time each week for their service; others volunteer when their special interests, skills or experience is needed and their specialty is requested.  We do not require a minimum number of service hours.  However to remain an active RSVP volunteer, you must volunteer at least once every 3 months.  If you later find that your volunteer work is conflicting with other commitments, simply call the RSVP office and make arrangements to alter your assignment schedule.

Where do RSVP members volunteer?

Where RSVP members volunteer is completely their decision! There are so many areas within the Texas Panhandle which could use the help that the individual is free to choose an agency, school, hospital or organization that is best suited to their skills, interests and time commitment.  Some people prefer to volunteer on a regular basis at certain places; others prefer to be “on call” to do short term jobs wherever they are needed.

Why should I join RSVP?

Anyone who is 55 years of age or older and desires to make a difference in the community should join RSVP for the many benefits our program provides.  If they already volunteer, they may sign up without being required to do more.  There are absolutely NO membership fees or dues.  Plus, all members are provided with FREE personal accident and personal liability insurance to, from and during the performance of their volunteer duties.  Also RSVP hosts fun social activities and the always-special Recognition Banquet.  These activities are for our member to enjoy at NO COST to them.  It’s RSVP’s thank to them for all they do.

How do I join RSVP?

To enroll volunteers complete an application.  The application provides us information about you and your interests so that we may suggest current volunteer opportunities.  The application also enrolls you in the FREE personal accident and personal liability insurance.  Your time and talents are a valuable resource that we hope you choose to share with the community.  To enroll call 806-373-8389, e-mail or stop by our office at 1309 SW 8th in Amarillo.